The Secret to Turn a Normal Car into a Luxury Car – Sound Proofing

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Car sound proofing and sound deadening ▻ The secret to turn a normal car into a luxury car, sound proofing DIY with Scotty Kilmer.



  1. Car Sound proofing ►

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  2. That's the major downside to Asian cars. They are noisy as hell! European cars aren't as reliable (apparently) but they are a lot more stable on the road (feel less like a tin and plastic car) and aren't so awfully noisy as Toyotas or Hyundais.

  3. Dear Scotty, Thank you for all your wonderful videos. Iam a subscriber of yours. Question, will a MTX-49 H8 interstate battery be OK to replace the dead battery in my R500 Mercedes Benz? I have been battling stage 4 Colon Cancer and it sat in my drive way for a year now. Could it possible be the alternator? Love you and Thanks.

  4. Might be a bad idea, but 50 cents worth of ear plugs do a good job. Then turn the radio way up so it sounds normal and you won't even hear your car. Or the police siren behind you.

  5. Greetings from South Africa. We have a 2011 Ford Figo 1.4 petrol (gas) which is based on the 2002-2008 European Fiesta. Would this insulation stuff work on the car if we had to get some and apply it?

  6. My work on the Lexus. Take peel & stick sound deadening foam and sandwich between it flexible lead sheets about 1/8 thick. No part of the lead is exposed as it's sandwiched between both foam front & back and will be covered over it with mass loaded vinyl and carpet
    The good thing about this is it's extremely malleable while it's density is at 2 pounds per square foot. Nothing beats it. Period.
    It goes over wheel wells very nicely and with a wooden roller be able to mold it sheet metal of the car.
    Then take peel & stick mass loaded vinyl and mold it over the lead sandwiched foam. Replace carpet

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