Supercar Shootout! – Epic 5-Car Drag Race

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We line up five of the world’s hottest new exotic cars for a once-in-a-lifetime drag race. Shot By: Mike Suggett, Jim Gleason, Terren Lin Edited By: Mike Suggett …



  1. Funny how these car were considered fast back in 2009 but are slow by today's standards. Kind of sucks they didn't show the ETs. But here uit is from the article.

    Maserati GranTurismo – 13.6@104.6mph… an EVO would out run that, LOL
    4.2L V8 R8 audi – 13.1@108.9mph ….same ET as the WRX STI motor trend ran in a previous the greatest drag race.
    Ferrari F430 – 12.3@120.7mph….only 0.1 second quicker than the $47k 1LE SS camaro , .30 slower than the GT350R
    Gallardo LP560-4 – 11.9@120.5mph … .4 seconds slower than 911 S
    $450k SLR – 11.8@126mph ……1.2 seconds slower than the Audi R8 plus.

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