Holden Calais Review: a genuine luxury car for $39,990?

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Jez Spinks finds out if the luxury version of the Commodore stands up as a premium car.



  1. Bought a V8 second hand last year and it's a gem to drive, you can see the quality difference between this and euro (Scratchy plastic bits as pointed out) but for the price you can't beat it, can't say I wouldn't have my dads S5 over this but for a fraction of the price it hits the spot..

    The A pillar is my only issue, and its a fairly big issue when coming up to roundabouts I've completely been blind sighted by cyclists, until you drive it you seriously underestimate what an issue the A pillars in these things are…

  2. I've driven the CapriceV it's rubbish…
    Please don't say steering is good coz it's not. You clearly have no idea how a car should drive….

  3. Its a piece of shit.
    The steering feels like the car is floating on the road. Gutless, constantly loses any settings that you set on your stereo etc. Looks good quiet ride but thats about it. The ride is average you feel every bump through the steering wheel. Blind spots are terrible and mirrors are basically useless.  Should not start this review comparing it to an audi or BMW no where near in the same league.
    If i paid 50K+ I'd want my money back. Spend 40k on a good second hand 5 series BMW or audi a6 and THAT is luxury with performance. this is just another rubbish car that will fall apart and be worth $12grand by the time its paid off!

  4. I was walking down my street when a VF Calais in silver came around the curve with its fog lights on, it had drops of water on it from the early morning dew and there was that beautiful early morning sunshine shining on it. It looked so beautiful, I actually stopped in my tracks and stared at it.

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