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The Genesis G90 is the flagship sedan from the new luxury car brand Genesis. Genesis used to be a car model made by Hyundai, now Genesis is a whole line …



  1. lots of butt hurt german car lovers… i bought genesis because specifically it is not a german car as i don't think much of them at all in terms of quality or design, if i wanted to be like everyone else i guess sure.

  2. I have an Equus Ultimate and this looks a little cut down. Center console, lights and steering wheel look cheap by comparison. Plus, ditching the air suspension was a mistake IMHO.

  3. Excellent baseline review, will say that while I agree history contributes to heritage luxury; most these days are fleeing loayalty for quality and comparative value. Pound for pound stuff really drives the buying decision. The legacy brands are just too frustrating to shop, keep it simple and give us everything…Nickel and Diming is getting old.

  4. One of the most beautiful and completely satisfying designs of any automobile that I have seen yet. The car itself has available a would be fantasy created to reality of options. Inviting stunning and delightful

  5. Rips off style designs from other folks. For that price, it needs to create something new that it can actually own. It's like the kid who always copies homework and barely passes tests… We all know it's not original, and it still makes the cut, but it's not really earned it. Being fair creatures, this annoys most of us. The fact that it's cheaper is possibly the only reason it's not yet been stamped out of existence by actual brands. However, its sole merit is that it asks a price that's actually reasonable for its offerings, unlike the ego-inflated cow-pie pricing levied by the mildly-original progenitors of its miming design. All-in-all, glad it exists – it's a reminder that the folks it copies are in turn over-charging, lazy cash fiends.

  6. what people don't know, you lose more money driving this vs Lexus or Germen. no demand in used car market, on the other side, great bargain buying a used

  7. most boring youtube car review ever … seriously…. again seriously…. this car named genesis???!!! why not some pung ping or cung chang …. never buy

  8. This was a great review until you tried to downplay the entire brand based on "heritage" nowadays people are looking for value and reliability… With all the warranty features included, this will definitely steal customers away from the 3 Big Germans

  9. I disagree with your assessment of Lexus. I believe they're a full fledged luxury brand. in fact what they lose in your heritage they gain in their reputation of reliability and longevity.

  10. Well, heritage is not at the top of my list in buying a luxury car. It's the features and the luxurious drive and quality materials that I care about the most, and this car has it all at a more attainable price compared to the more established German luxury cars. My money goes to the G90. Will get myself one later this year as a Christmas gift to myself 🙂

  11. There is no need to support what is already hyped up like Mercedes and BMW. What people need is more variety and options. Luxury comes with the quality and design, history is second. Most people who buy German brands do so because they, in fact, know nothing about cars. They do not read reviews, do not watch your channel, they do so because they have money and they want to get what their neighbor said is the best so they are not ashamed of their choice. Hyundai will succeed by selling this car to those who think.

  12. u say history and harritage make a luxury car? …..well , Lexus has the best reliability in the market. who cares about BMW and Mercedes if they can't make a reliable car. not to mention customer service sucks with German manufacturing

  13. wow, $87k with the v8, thats alot of money for a hyundai. i think part of the appeal with luxe cars, call it superficial, is the brand that you are driving. after that, the other things should be a given, top quality fit and finish, nice punchy engine, doesnt have to fry the tyres. if it were my money, and it was between this and an a8, id be going the a8 all day long at $86k cad.

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