1969 Buick Riviera GS 430 V8 360 HP – Classic Luxury Car

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I thought you might like a look at this very cool 1969 Buick Riviera GS. It’s powered by the big 430 V8, putting out 360 HP and 475 Lbft of Torque. It has the …



  1. We owned one of these and it was magnificent. Smooth, quiet, and the braking was excellent.  It did everything well, it is also well balanced so the handling was very good. For Canadian weather I really don't think we have achieved any real improvements in cars in the last 40 plus years; this car is heavy yet managed 25 mpg at a steady 75 mph on cruise control.  The climate control actually worked; set it for 72 degrees and 72 is what you got. The FM stereo radio and speaker system was awesome and exterior noise was pretty much non existent. The one weakness of the Riviera was the split rear universal joints.

  2. The new GS option package sold for $131.57 at retail. It included chrome covered air cleaner; front and rear heavy duty suspension; performance axle with pos traction and while sidewall tires. Car with this package installed were outwardly distinguished by special narrow rocker panel covers . the lack of gravel deflectors and a thin side trim molding. . New price was $5331.00 total Riviera production 52,872. I see the 430 as a Wildcat option but not a Riviera option. It list it as a 400?

  3. Very sharp Buick! I think I was going to ask you to do a video on this one since the 71 Monte Carlo that CCC had was sold but you beat me to it. Great pick as always Jeff.

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